Educate to empower

An education that creates tomorrow’s


Social change accelerates when marginalised members of society are given the resources to become leaders and innovators.

At Educate to Empower Academy we provide free schooling to economically disadvantaged girls in rural India. We prepare them with the skills to succeed in today’s globalised and tech-driven world. Our elementary school campus is equipped with Wifi, a computer lab, SMART classrooms and an organic garden for forest school sessions. Through our emphasis on leadership, teamwork, sports and STEM we encourage girls to be confident dreamers and thinkers.

A community outreach program that


Every young girl deserves a safe, harmonious and comfortable environment at home and parents who support her dreams.

The girls at our school are at risks of many serious hardships: child labour, physical and sexual abuse, early marriage, lack of safe water supply and malnutrition. We work with our students' families to ensure they can support our efforts to help their daughters succeed. We have a source of clean drinking water at school that the whole family can collect from, we distributed food rations during the COVID-19 lockdown and we set up a tailoring unit on campus to provide our students’ mothers with employment and income.

Inspired teachers who serve as


Our teachers shape and nurture young minds, lead by example and run our community outreach initiatives

We are proud of our incredible teachers! These ambitious young women are first-generation college graduates from small towns and villages in India who now hold advanced degrees. We provide our teachers professional development resources from around the world. We believe that empowered women empower other women. Our teachers attend financial literacy workshops to learn how to manage and invest their money and art therapy sessions to improve their mental wellbeing. Our school policy is six months of paid maternity leave and a creche on campus for infants.